Striking It Hard And Best To Bag All In One Kitty In 8 Ball Pool

Before writing about my experience with this fantabulous offering from Miniclip, I have to admit that before starting off with the cue ball and cue stick trajectories, I was a tad apprehensive about the outcome. I have played the game in real many times and it’s not very often that I’ve met with good luck. I occasionally play it when I visit my dentists and know the quantum of luck involved in making my calculations click. What surprised me pleasantly was that my real-life billiard skills and credentials hardly mattered in this game. The interface is lucid and the format is very easy to understand and follow.

Starting out as a Facebook user and guest member, which is one of the two ways of playing of this iOS game and my personal favorite, I didn’t need any username or registration to pitch in. There options to play with my pals or play duels with other random players. I also got the third option to play in a tournament. There were a lot many friends who had actually played in them and I did see that stats myself, but to my amazement, didn’t find that feature quite active or rather complete I shall say. The contextual thing might have been a bug or may be that was a part of beta testing.

Considering the robust and expanding community of the game, at any given time, I’ve found anywhere from 2,000- 5, 000 players participating on the online mode for each of the five remarkable levels. Taking about the in-game currency, the costs gets higher as you soar up the ranks. However, with the 8 ball pool cheats, you can now save your credit and time. You can get all the pool coins for free and grab the limelight by generating plenty of free coins and merits to your game. When I first read about it, I was as clueless and skeptical as you might be right now, but I found it to fully functional and hundred percent authentic. There is immense generation.

There are some genius hackers out there who’ve presented this cool source of 8 ball pool hack tool for generating unlimited coins. This superb online package helps you save your hard-earned money and stick to a little or no budget. Going back to original game, I got experience points with every game I played. Win or loss was immaterial here. That’s a positive thing as far as sports are concerned.

You get to earn more and more points as you steadily level up the ranks. The badge star designates a number on you and you play with that. It lets you unlock all the harder levels that you witness in the game. Again, I reiterate you can beat the odds and sail across these levels by unlocking them without any effort with the online tool. Determining the proficiency and efficiency of another player is also easy. Clicking on the username of your opponent will fetch you the stats like his or her number of matches, rewards and points earned. The same thing applies to your opponent. These were good things to enhance the user experience.

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