Paving the Road to Success in SimCity

The SimCity BuildIt is a game of a little city that is complete with residents in residential areas, industries that have factories and little industries to produce goods that are required and commercial areas that have various shops to buy groceries and other daily products for the households and offices for the citizens that serve as work spots. As mayor of the city, the player has to maintain the city well and provide various facilities to the citizens living in his city. How he manages the city and goes about his daily work is the question that arises as the player plans his work.

Connecting the Development Zones

The various development zones are the residential zones, the industrial zone and the commercial zone. These zones are inter-linked as the citizens live in houses and go to work the next day and do their daily shopping and go out for entertainment and live a complete life. Hence these development zones have to be inter-linked. Only if the roads are well planned and well laid, the citizens can move out of their houses and go about doing their various works and get back to their houses at the end of the day.

Laying Proper Roads

The houses should be properly planned. Places where there is lot of traffic should be planned in such a way that they do not have traffic jams. The roads can be laid by tapping on the road-building icon and drag it into the city map. Just by dragging the finger on the route, the roads are laid. However if you are not satisfied with the route you can also retract the road drawn and draw it according to the new idea that you have.

Traffic Jams

To avoid traffic jams, the roads have to be upgraded by increasing the number of lanes. If the Sims citizens are caught in the traffic jams while going to work and returning home, they show their displeasure about the city plan and roads by moving out of the city. The roads can also be removed by bulldozing them. However when roads are constructed or destroyed, care should be taken to see that the houses, industries, shops and other buildings stay connected to roads. Each building has to be connected to the road.

Roads are built using the build tool. These roads are used to take the people from their houses to various spots like offices and shops. When new buildings are built, care should be taken to see that each building is connected to the road and do not overlap the road or neighbor’s buildings. Cars can travel on these roads following traffic signals. These roads connect houses, hospitals, fire-stations and other essential service with which the city functions. The roads also connect people to theatres, parks and casinos for entertainment and for spending holidays. Well connected cities promote convenience and hassle-free transport that keeps Simoleons happy. They also help to generate Simoleons that are necessary as revenue to the mayor to build other necessities for the city. Simoleons can also be generated through simcity buildit hack to generate free Simoleons.

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