Moviestarplanet Cheats For Beginner Players In Game

Full Information About MovieStarPlanet

Moviestarplanet is a game played online with friends specially made for kids who love to play simulation game. In this game, they have to everything they do in real life from playing small games to dealing with friends and being a hero of moviestarplanet. If you have never played this game then start with downloading this game on their Smartphone or visiting its official website. Read one by one each point and learn about this game.

Sign Up/Log in

On visiting the main page of this game you will see an option for login in and “Play Now” button. Click on Play Now button if you have no account on this game. if you played this game before but can’t remind what was your password then click on forgot the password and you will be asked for your username and you have to enter your email. A recovery email for your password will be sent to your account. This email will include a link. Click on this link and you will be on MSP official site and you will be asked for entering a new password and confirm it in next column.


Every game has a currency. Well, the main currency of this game is starcoins. You have to collect it and spend it on makeup, dress, and gears like watch, sandal, purse and many more things. There are many ways by which you can earn starcoins. Easiest one is spinning silver wheel. Log in every day to get a free chance to spin this wheel. You can also use diamond for spinning it. If you have VIP membership then you can spin it four times in a day.

Another way of getting Starcoins is playing games and doing quests. You can play each and every game and there is no limit for playing it. You can watch movies and rate it. Watch a movie and honestly rate it. You can get 10 starcoins and fame for your honest reply. And the most effective way of earning Starcoin is making movies and publishing them. Start with watching movies and learning about them. When you are done then create your own movie in movie maker. Click on Movies button from city screen and then you will be in the movies section. And then click on create new movie icon, here you have to work frame by frame. If you are done with making your movie then publishes it and earns starcoins.

What’s More

Moreover, you can promote this movie by going to chat room and telling your friend about it and asking them to watch. If they rate it five stars then your movie will be in top movies list. And now you don’t have to worry about anything else. Just concentrate on making movies with awesome stories. If you are not getting much starcoins then use the moviestarplanet cheats for getting more starcoins. Be selective in your approach before using any tools because many of the sites can steal your account password and maybe your account can be blocked while doing this.